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Equipment Finance

We deliver an end-to-end digital platform or built-on-purpose software for your business model, with the freedom to modify at your own.

If your business consists of helping people and businesses to acquire their equipment, we can assist you to satisfy them better.

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Consumer Finance

Today, technological comfort is a necessity in consumer finance.

We have anticipated the move for you. Beyond the traditional features (security, trust, scoring, tax engine), we have developed AI-empowered new features that would make your platform the most innovative in the world.

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Automative Finance

Stay ahead of the curve, with an automotive finance platform that helps to scale your business and creates a seamless auto leasing experience.

Streamline your business operations and turn your fleet into a competitive advantage, with accurate data, and specific vehicle leasing insights. Deliver rapid decisions, create new business offerings, process loans more efficiently, and service your customers better!

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Effective equipment rental software can make the renting process more efficient, and help businesses achieve much more with fewer resources.

Eliminate manual processes of recording and monitoring asset management, and trust a robust and easy database system. Optimize your equipment rental process by adopting a rental subscription model, focusing on the customer experience to drive financial performance!

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Our Product Main Features

Customizable UX Design

We have the most universal interface of leasing & loan platforms. We care about the end-users of our platform. It is built to be personalized through dragging and dropping. This option particularly opens your market to non-literals in finance. A big plus for your business.

Scalable and futureproof

Our platform can handle unlimited data while being agile over time. You can easily adapt our software to any change in your business process, even when you redefine your business purpose.

Faster and easier to deploy

Saving time and money for you and your customers is the essence of what we do. Our solution makes complex processes easier and simple. Our platform is beautiful in its simplicity, be the first to experience easy-to-process loan applications, third-party data, accounts review, queries handling, payments, and general ledger postings.

Micro service architecture

We will show you that you have the power to redesign your catalog with ease. Thanks to our products and services configurator, supporting the complexity of bundled value-added products becomes very simple, quick, and easy. Value-added products are highly editable, enabling you to add new options and define new product offerings promptly.

Fluid and paperless

There is a good reason people are more and more unlikely to go to a physical bank and carry documents all around. We are certain it is due to the same reason you are looking for more efficient digital solutions for your lending business.

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