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Created in 2020, Utina is a company specialized in designing and implementing finance solutions. Our mission is to help SMEs have access to affordable high-tech solutions and support for more growth and direct social impact.

Today, we are focusing on leveraging new technologies to create modular leasing & lending software with respect to Cloud-Native Standards in terms of Security, Hot Deployment, and Scalability.




We’re a world-class team of people from different countries.



More than 100 projects successfully conducted



More than 20 years of expertise in Fintechs



More than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Americas & Africa.

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Jemil Ben Romdhane, CEO

CEO of Utina

Jemil is in the software industry since 1999 and has designed and build several Softwares before launching this new platform, putting in it all best practices learned during these 22 years of International career. With more than 35 implementation projects in Europe, Africa and Asia.

As General Manager of IT Company for the last 10 years, he was focusing on MEA Region and has delivered 25 successful projects in this area. He has also a proven Experience over Europe & Asia with Multiple Banks and Financial Companies

Jemil B.


Becoming a leader in finances technologies

To transform financial services to be more sustainable and efficient by providing solutions that are futureproof.

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